Porcelain vs Ceramic Tiles – What’s the difference?

Ever wondered what the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles actually is? You’re not alone! We get this question quite often, read this post to find out the answer.

In some areas the terms porcelain and ceramic are used interchangeably, as if they are the same thing. But when it comes to tiles, the difference is quite substantial.

In general, porcelain is a type of ceramic with different properties to regular ceramic. Due to its composition, porcelain is more dense and less water absorbent than ceramic. This results in a tile that is heavier, stain resistant and more hardwearing. This makes them ideal for use on regularly used surfaces like floors and suitable for outside use.

Ceramic tiles on the other hand are less dense and more water absorbent. This results in a tile that is less durable, prone to cracking in cold weather and prone to staining. For this reason, ceramic tiles are generally used indoors on walls.

Ceramic tiles tend to be cheaper than porcelain and are easier to cut and install. This usually makes ceramic the more affordable option.