Metro Tiles

Taking inspiration from the underground stations of London and New York in the early 1900s, our selection of metro tiles are a timeless classic with their simple, minimalistic appearance.

Gloss ceramic wall tile. 300x100mm. Available in eight colours; Beige, White, Vintage, Jeans (shown), Smoke, Grey, Pearl and Black.

New York

Glazed ceramic wall tile. 150x75mm. Available in eight colours; Calico, Dolphin Grey, Mushroom, Pebble (shown), Pecan, Pistachio, Powder Blue and White.


Ceramic wall tile. 300x50mm. Available in six colours; Cement, Argilla, Lavagna (shown), Petrol, Sabbia and White.


Gloss ceramic wall tile. 300x73mm. Available in four colours; Light (shown), Taupe, Grey and Dark Grey.


Ceramic wall tile. 200x50mm. Available in six colours; White Satin, White Gloss, Pumice (shown), Greige, Crisp Linen and Charcoal.


Ceramic wall tile. 129x129mm. Available in four colours; Pumice (shown), Mint, Papyrus and Tayberry.


Crackle glaze ceramic wall tile. 150x75mm. Available in five colours; Verda (shown), Ramira (shown), Ignacio, Hernan and Cortez.


Glass brick wall tile. 300x100mm. Available in four colours; Silver Grey, Zinc Grey (shown), Charcoal (shown) and White.

Glass Brick

Glazed ceramic wall tile. 400x10mm. Available in seven colours; Alabaster (shown), Cotton (shown), Pearl (shown), Nautilus, Pumice, Cafe and Straw.
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